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China is the oldest continuous civilisation in the world with a 5000 year old history and the 4th largest country after Russia, Canada and USA. With such a long history and vast area, there is plenty that China can offer to travellers in terms of history, culture and natural. China is also very diverse in terms of culture, natural landscape and language. Travelling beyond the first tier cities (Beijing / Shanghai / Shenzhen) allows you to see the real China.

It's a very interesting country. You travel to see and feel the diversity. You can have seafood in the costal areas, tim sum in the south, spicy food in the central and west and dumplings in the north. There are 34 province level administrative divisions consisting of 23 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, 4 municipalities and 2 Special Administrative Regions. Each has its own ethnic groups, scenic places and historic sites. You can read about all these places but there will always be the small little details that suprises you and leaves you with a deeper impression of the places.

We alway research extensively and plan the routes before each trip. We are sharing our travel experience in this website.

Favourite Cities
Shenyang Imperial Palace
West Lake
Inner Mongolia
Natural Bridge
Mausoleum of the Western Xia state
Jiangxi Wuyan
1100 years old Wangkuo Ancient Village
Terracotta Warriors
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