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Imperial China Three Kingdoms Period

The fall of Han dynasty led to a China controlled by Three states. This period lasted from 220AD to 280AD.

Kingdom of Shu Han

Kingdom of Shu Han lasted from 221 to 263 AD.

Reign Name :

Kingdom of Cao Wei

Kingdom of Cao Wei lasted from 220 to 265 AD.

Reign Name :

Kingdom of Wu

Kingdom of Wu lasted from 222 to 280 BC.

Reign Name :

Kingdom of Shu Han Emperor Zhao Liedi

Liu Bei
Reign Years:
221 to 223

Gulongzhong Scenic Area, Xiangyang City, Hubei Province

Gulongzhong was the place a wise Zhuge Liang stayed during the Three Kingdom period. Liu Bei, Emperor of Shu Kingdom, went came here 3 times to invite Zhuge Liang to seek his service. On the third visit in 207, Zhugu Liang agreed.

Chibi Ancient Battlefield Wing Praying Platform, Chibi City, Hubei Province

Zhege Liang prayed for wind to help in his battle plans here.

Chibi Ancient Battlefield, Chibi City, Hubei Province

Liu Bei and Sun Quan fought agianst Cao Cao here in winter of 2008/9. It was the largest naval battle in history. The victory allowed Liu Bei and Sun Quan to time to built up their Kingdom.

Huiling Mausoleum, Tomb of Liu Bei, Sichuan City, Sichuan Province

Liu Bei who was the first ruler of State of Shu during the Three Kingdom Era. Liu Bei died after falling ill at Baidi Town. They had retreated from Xiaoting (present day Yidu County, Hubei province) after a defeat by State of Wu there. Liu Bei had wanted to fight the State of Wu to avenge the defeat and death of his sworn brother Guan Yu who was defeated by State of Wu at Maicheng (present day Dangyang County, Hubei Province) and killed.

Sanyi Temple, Sichuan City, Sichuan Province

This temple was built in memory of Zhang Yu, Liu Bei and Guan Yu. The temple is within the Wuhou Memorial Temple premise.

Kingdom of Shu Han Emperor Hou Zhu

Liu Shan
Reign Years:
223 to 263

Wuhou Memorial Temple, Sichuan City, Sichuan Province

This temple commemorates the Three Kingdom era strategist Zhuge Liang. There is a hall with statues of the key characters during the period and a temple.

Tomb of Jiang Wan, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province

Zhuge Liang was the regent to Liu Shan and Jiang Wan was his assistant. After Zhuge Liang's death in 234, Jiang Wan succeeded him as the regent to Shu Emperor. Jiang Wan died in 246.

Kingdom of Shu Han ended when Emperor Hou Zhu surrendered to Kingdom of Wei in 263.

Kingdom of Cao Wei Emperor Wei Wendi

Cao Pi
Reign Years:
220 to 226

Kingdom of Cao Wei Emperor Wei Mingdi

Cao Rui
Reign Years:
226 to 239

Kingdom of Cao Wei Emperor Wei Mingdi

Cao Fang
Reign Years:
239 to 254

Kingdom of Cao Wei Emperor Gao Guixiang Gong

Cao Mao
Reign Years:
254 to 260

Kingdom of Cao Wei Emperor Wei Yuandi

Cao Huan
Reign Years:
260 to 265

Kingdom of Eastern Wu Emperor Dadi

Sun Quan
Reign Years:
222 to 252

Yueyang Tower, Yueyang City, Hunan Province

Yueyang Tower was built around 220 by Kingdom of Wu's General Lu Su to train and review his navy in Changjiang as they defend Yueyang and prepare to attack Jingzhou.

Yellow Crane Pavilion, Wuhan City, Hubei Province

The original pavilion was built in 223 during the Three Kingdom period as a watch tower. The current one is reconstructed at this site in 1981.

Sun Quan Memorial, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province

The memorial was built where Sun Quan was believed to be buried.

Kingdom of Eastern Wu Emperor Kuai Ji Wang

Sun Liang
Reign Years:
252 to 258

Kingdom of Eastern Wu Emperor Jingdi

Sun Xiu
Reign Years:
258 to 264

Kingdom of Eastern Wu Emperor Wen Cheng Hou

Sun Hao
Reign Years:
264 to 280

Kingdom of Wu ended when Emperor Wen Cheng Hou surrendered to Jin Court on 1 May 280.

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