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Fukuoka Perfecture

Fukuoka perfecture is in Kyushu region on Kyushu Island. Perfecture capital Fukuoka city is 883km from Toyko.

Cities :

Fukuoka City

883km from Tokyo
travel Information:
5 hours from Tokyo by JR line

Fukuoka Castle Ruins

Fukuoka Tenjin Shopping Area

Fukuoka city's shopping area popular with tourist.

Yatai (Street Food Stalls)

Evening food street with lots of local food.

Hakata Ramen

Hakata Ramen is a pork bone broth ramen with slices of barbequed pork.

Kitakyushu City

68km from Fukuoko
travel Information:
15mins from Fukuoko by JR line

Kokura Castle

A reconstructed castle. The original castle was built in 1602 during the Edo period and destroyed in 1866.

Kokura Castle Japanese Garden

The garden was built in 1998 using the castle as the background scenery.

Kokura Castle Japanese Garden

Traditional Shion-style building with tatami rooms for viewing the garden.

Kokura Peace Memorial and Bell of Nagasaki

Bell of Nagasaki was presented to Kitakyushu. Kokura was the secondary target in the 1st bombing on 6 August 1945 and the main target for the 2nd nuclear bomb on 9 August 1945. Due to cloudy condition, the 2nd nuclear bomb was dropped at Nagasaki.

Kitakyushu Former Moji Custom Office

The building was used as custom office from 1912 to 1927. Present building is recontructed in 1995 as the original one was destroyed during the 1945 air raid.

Kitakyushu Former O.S.K Line Building

The office of the maitime company from 1921 till 1991.

Kitakyushu Old Moji Mitsui Club

This building was built in 1921 as the social hall for the Mitsui Bussan company.

Kitakyushu Moji Port Retro Observation Deck

The draw bridge is raised 6 times a day. The 103m Retro Observation Deck is the tallest building in the area.

Kanmom Bridge

A 712m long suspension bridge across Kanmom Straits linking Honshu and Kyushu region.

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