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Qinghai Province

Qinghai Province is located on the Tibetan Plateau and is one of the largest province in China. The province is the river source for 3 major rivers (Yellow River, Changjiang and Mekong river) and the railway to Tibet runs through it. Within the province, there are 2 sites voted as the Most Beautiful Places in China and 1 Historical and Cultural City.

Prefecture Level Cities :

Xining City

1754km west of Beijing City
Travel Information:
2.5 hours by air from Beijing city

Taer Monastery

The monastery was founded in 1583 to commemorate the founder of the Yellow Hat Sect of Tibetan Buddhism. The temple ground covers 144, 000 sqm of land.

Taer Monastery Dhammapala Hall

The Dhammapala Hall was built in 1692 to worship Dhammapala.

Taer Monastery Longevity Hall

Taer Monastery Main Assembly Hall

The Hall was first built in 1621 and is the venue for important Buddhist activities and to recite the sutras.

Qinghai Ma Bufang Mansion

The Mansion was built in 1943 by the Kuomingtang General Ma Bufang for his family.

Qinghai Ma Bufang Mansion

The mansion is also used for offical work and meeting guest.

Qinghai Ma Bufang Mansion

The mansion extensively used jade on its wall.

East Gate Grand Mosque

The mosque was built in 1379 and has been in continuous use. The prayer hall can accomodate up to 3000 people and is one of the largest mosque in northwest China.

Xining North Gate

The North gate is part of the city walls and gates built in 1386 to defend the city. The original gate was torn down in the 1950s and rebuilt in 2007.

Xining Yogurt

The yogurt is prepared the traditional way by the local muslims.

Xining Snacks

Food in Xining

Xining Local Products Shop

Qinghai Produce

Xining Railway Station

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