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Ningxia Autonomous Region

Ningxia is the smallest province in China and has the Yellow river flowing through it. Within the province, there are 1 sites voted as the Most Beautiful Places in China and 1 Historical and Cultural City.

Most Beautiful Places :
Prefecture Cities :

Shapotou Scenic Area

Zhongwei County, 167km from Yinchuan City
Travel Information:
2hours from Yinchuan City
Most Beautiful Deserts in China

Camels Rides

The scenic area consist of two parts seperated by a railway line that cut through. The section futher away from the have camel and jeep rides into the desert.

Desert and Yellow River

This section has boat rides along Yellow River.

Views from Yellow River

The different sceneries such as a great wall section and water wheels along the Yellow River can be seen during the boat ride.

Yinchuan City

891km west of Beijing
Travel Information:
2hours 10mins by air from Beijing
Historical and Cultural City

Mt Helan Landscape

Mt Helan seperates Ningxia from Inner Mongolia. It is 40km and 30 mins from Yinchuan City

Mt Helan Landscape

Rocky landscape due to the dry climate.

Rock Drawings

The rock drawings are believed to be drawn over 2000 years by nomadic tribes living in the area.

Western Xia Mausoleum

West Xia Kingdom of the Tanguts exited from 1038 to 1227AD. They resisted Mogol attacks for 22 years. Genghis Khan died in one of the last battle there. Because of the Tanguts's resistance and Genghis Khan's death, the Mongols destroyed the entire kingdom after the fall. The site is 30km and 20mins from from Yinchuan City

Pyramid of the East

The tomb are also known as the Pyramid of the East. But these are actually what's left from the Mogol destruction.


Destroyed structures around the mausoleum

Drum Tower

Tower was built in 1821 and re-built in 1908.

Shizuishan City

78km north of Yinchuan City
Travel Information:
1hour by slow train from Yinchuan City

Sand Lake

The lake lies next to the desert. This unique combination draws lots of tourist who come for bird watching or sand activities. Going up the sand dunes is tiring. Visitors who do not want to walk can take a camel ride up. Pingluo County is 1hour and 56km from Yinchuan City

Sand Lake

Visitors can also take a cable car to the top of the sand dune.

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