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Ehime Perfecture

Ehime perfecture is in Shikoku region on Shikoku Island. Perfecture capital Matsuyama city is 665km from Toyko.

Cities :

Matsuyama City

665km from Tokyo
travel Information:
4hours 20minutes from Tokyo city by JR line

Dogo Onsen Honkan

The most famous bathhouse of Dogo Onsen. It is a public bathhouse with a section reserved for the imperial family.

Dogo Onsen Station

The station with Meiji period architectural was built in 1895.

Dogo Onsen Station Botchan Train

A popular Japanese novel Botchan about a teacher living in Matsuyama. Botchan became associated with things in the city. The Botchan train is a reconstruction based on steam trains described in the novel.

Botchan Karakuri Clock

The clock is near the Dogo Onsen Station. It was erected in 1994 to mark Dogo Onsen Honkan's centennial.

Dogo Onsen Station Shopping Arcade

The arcade selling local products and souvenirs.

Matsuyama Botchan Dango

A 3 colour shewered rice dumplings. It was mentioned in a popular Japanese novel Botchan.

Matsuyama Taruto

A sponge roll cake developed in 1600s based on european confectionery recipe Matsuyama feudal lord brought from Nagasaki.

Matsuyama Sake Brewery

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