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Paleozoic Era in China

The geographic time scale of earth is defined by time intervals. The largest unit of time is the supereon which is further divided into shorter interval intervals

Eon: Half a billion years or more and has more than 1 Era.

Era: Several hundred million years and has more than 1 period.

Period: has more than 1 epoch.

Epoch: Tens of million of years and has more than 1 age.

Age: Million of years

Precambrian period is the earliest period in earth's history.

The next Eon is the Phanerozoic which is divided into Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic Era.

Paleozoic Era has 6 periods Cambrian, Ordovican, Silurian, Devonian, Carboniferous and Permian. It lasted from 541 - 254 million years from Triassic period 230 million years ago.


Cambrian Period

541 - 490 million years ago

Chengjiang Fossil Site, Chengjiang County, Yuxi Prefecture, Yunnan Province

Permian Period

300 - 254 million years ago

Ma Shi Chau Island Nature Trail, Tai Po District Hong Kong SAR

The rock formation in the area has a geological age of 280 million years old.

Stone Forest, Kunming City, Yunnan Province

The landscape is formed by limestone erosion 270 million years ago.

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