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Icheon Metropolitan City

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City area

Icheon Metropolitian City
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Icheon International Airport


South Korea's only offical Chinatown was formed when Chinese started to arrive in Incheon after its port opening in 1883.


The Chinatown has many popular Chinese resturants.


The 2nd or 3rd generations of the early Chinese settlers still stay in the Chinatown.

Chinatown Gonghwachun Resturant Jjajangmyeon

The most famous resturant in the Chinatown has been selling the Jjajangmyeon 1908.

Chinatown Statue of Confucius

The staricse leading to the statue of Confucius is the border between the former Qing Dynasty China's concession and former Japan concession.

Chinatown Uiseondang

Uiseondang was built in 1893 in the former Chinese settlement established after the signing of the China-Korea treaty in 1882. It is a Chinese temple enshrining several deities. Mazu is enshrined in the temple as sailing betwwen South Korea and China is the main mode of travel and travellers seek Mazu's blessing for safety at sea.

Chinatown Jjajangmyeon Museum

Memorial Hall for Incheon Landing Operation

Incheon Jayu Park

Northeast Asia Trade Tower

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