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Gansu Province

Gansu Province is famous the silkroad that runs through the province. Within the province, there is 1 UNESCO World Heritage site, 3 sites voted as the Most Beautiful Places in China and 4 Historical and Cultural Cities.

Prefecture Level Cities :

Lanzhou City

1540km from Beijing City
Travel Information:
2 hours by air from Beijing city

Lanzhou Zhongshan Bridge

The first bridge across Yellow River.

Gansu Yellow River

One of the key cities with Yellow River flowing through the city.

8th Route Army Office

8th Route Army Office

Lanzhou Chenghuang Temple

Qingcheng Ancient Town City God's Temple

Qingcheng Ancient Town

Qingcheng Ancient Town Luo Family's Compound

Qingcheng Ancient Town Granary

Qingcheng Ancient Town Qingcheng Academy

Qingcheng Ancient Town Gao Family's Ancestral Temple

Lanzhou Beef Noodle

This is a popular dish found across China.

Lanzhou Snacks

Baiying City

99km from Lanzhou City
Travel Information:
1 hour by car from Lanzhou city

Rural Landscape near Shui Chuan Town

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