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Guizhou Province

Guizhou Province is a rich in natural sites and many minorities population. Within the province, there is 1 UNESCO World Heritage site, 1 site in the list of Most Beautiful Places in China and 2 Historical and Cultural Cities.

World Heritage Sites :
Most Beautiful Places :
Most Beautiful Places :
Prefecture Level Cities :

Chishui Danxia

km from Chishui City City
Travel Information:
30mins from Chishui
UNESCO World Heritage site / Most Beautiful Places in China

Zhangjiayan Park

The park has dense vegatation and rare plants. Chishui has the largest area of Danxia landform in China.

Zhangjiayan Park Ancient Plants

The rare plants are protected by law.

Zhangjiayan Park Danxia Landform

The park has the characteristic red Honeycomb danxia landscape. Waterfall is common in Chishui Danxia.

Zhangjiayan Park Danxia Landform

Red Honeycomb danxia landscape

Zunyi City

Within city
Travel Information:
City transport

Datong Town

Datong town is in Chishui City. Old houses of Datong Town.

Datong Town

View from the river habour.

Datong River

An ancient town along Datong river. Datong town is within Chishui City.

Datong Town

Horses still used for transporting goods.

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