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Kanagawa Perfecture

Kanagawa perfecture is in Kanto region on Honshu Island. It is part of Greater Toyko. Perfecture capital Yokohama city is 28km from Toyko.

Cities :

Yokohama City

28km from Tokyo
Travel Information:
30mins by JR line from Tokyo

Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse

The customs warehouses were in use from 1910s till 1989. They are now used as event venues and shopping mall.

Chinatown Tianhou Temple

The temple was opened on 17 Feb 2006. It was built by the Chinatown community with donations from all over Japan.

Chinatown Guandi Temple

The temple was established soon after the founding of the Chinatown and is an important landmark in Chinatown.


Yokohama Chinatown is the largest in Japan and Asia. The Chinatown was founded in 1859 after the city opened up for foreign trading.

Cup Noodle Museum

The museum is owned by Nissin Food Company whose founder invented the instant noodles in 1958. The museum was opened in 2004, 40 years after the invention of instant cup noodles.

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